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Sat, 28 Mar 2009

Git Snapshots

In his excellent article Git from the bottom up (PDF warning) John Wiegley writes on page 26 about using git-stash(1) as a way of snapshotting the work in proggress, e.g. from cron(8). He suggest to do git-stash && git-stash apply every hour or so. It is a nice idea, but it has a problem:

It changes the data under your hands, and there is even a short window of time (between the stash and apply), when the local changes temporarily disappear from the working tree. So during this window it is not possible to e.g. open the file with the text editor and expect it to have the contents which has been written to it just several seconds ago.

Can snapshotting be done in Git correctly? Something like "save a current working tree as a new unreferenced commit"? How do you make the snapshots of your work, my dear lazyweb?

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