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Fri, 11 Apr 2008

Gentoo Linux - the next try

Since I have got a new workstation which supports hardware virtualization, I have installed several different operating systems to my virtual machines. I have already tried Gentoo Linux, so I gave it another try. Again, it was a bit frustrating - few examples:

I think Gentoo can be excellent for newbie geeks who want to discover what this Linux thing is about, but even that has its limitations. For example, when I upgrade Fedora on my workstation, often many packages which I would normally refuse to install as a superfluous garbage get installed by the distribution. Which is good, because I have an opportunity to look at them later, in already working preconfigured state (in the past it included D-Bus, HAL, SELinux, and many others).

I also cannot imagine how would I maintain tens of differently configured machines running Gentoo. Having fixed release points with security upgrades designed and tested on them is a big bonus, as are the precompiled packages with automatic dependencies. yum update and you are done with minimal risk of breaking something.

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