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Mon, 03 Mar 2008

Fighting With Beamer

A while ago I wrote about typesetting presentation slides in Beamer. Now I have decided to rewrite the slides for my UNIX courses in Beamer, but it brings many problems - I will write about two of them:

The first problem is with typesetting the C source code (quite frequent task for the UNIX course): I cannot use the [fragile] option to the frame environment, because it writes the text to the file and rereads it again, messing up the character encoding during the process (I use UTF-8 input encoding). I cannot use the semiverbatim environment, because the most tricky part - the indentation of the source code - is not preserved.

The second problem is with graphs and diagrams: I want them to have the same font as the surrounding text (both in typeface and size). So the file format should be something like LaTeX (for texts) + something for rectangles, lines, arrows, and other vector graphics. I have tried about all the formats XFig supports, but none of them work with PDFLaTeX, UTF-8 encoding, and meets the above requirements.

So, my dear lazyweb, how would you solve the above two problems (other than using OOImpress or something similar)?

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