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Fri, 04 Nov 2005

Booting Fedora with vanilla kernel

While testing the XFS information leak I have written about yesterday, I had to compile my own kernel on the testing machine. I already knew what to do on most Fedora systems - there are some problems with vanilla kernels on Fedora:

However, my test machine happened to be a plain default Fedora install, and Fedora installs itself on LVM(?). So the boot without initrd is not possible - the ramdisk is needed at least to set up LVM before the root filesystem can be mounted. This causes that another bunch of things have to be done before the vanilla kernel can be booted on Fedora on LVM:

I am not writing this to blame Fedora as unusable - I think their system is a step in right direction - to use new technologies "by default" instead of "on some special installation". I mean not only LVM here, but also udev, SELinux, etc. They should just document better what to do if somebody has to use a vanilla kernel on Fedora. I hope this text can help to fill up this gap.

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