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Thu, 05 Oct 2006


I have been to the 29th conference EurOpen.CZ in Mikulov. We (Vlasta and me) have went there by bicycles (fortunately it did not rain when we went there nor during our return trip).

I have enjoyed being there (conferences in the areas of wineyards are always nice :-). The most interesting talk was Zdeněk Říha's talk about electronic passports.

The only bad thing was that on Monday our main server has crashed with an internal error in XFS journal. It is a 2TB+ volume, so xfs_repair took more than six hours to run, and even this was only after we have upgraded it to the latest version - the previous version seemed to loop endlessly in the phase 5. The server has crashed on Monday around 4pm, and with these xfs_repair problems we had the filesystem back around Tuesday 6am, and an hour later the server and the rest of our network was back on-line. That night we have slept for about 4 hour total, with wake-up to check whether the xfs_repair is still running every hour or so.

But despite of these problems, I am glad for serial consoles and remote access, as we can do the fixup remotely from the hotel, without returning to Brno.

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