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Sat, 27 Oct 2007

EurOpen 2007

XXXI. EurOpen is over. I think the conference was quite interesting. My presentation was in the "Operating systems and desktops" section.

There was a presentation on OpenSolaris with some interesting points, altough they still mostly repeat their old "ZFS-Dtrace-Zones-WeAreStableWhileLinuxIsNot" mantra. The FreeBSD presentation was quite sad: they apparently do not even have working software RAID-5 in their new device-mapper alike, and the author seemed to be disappointed with the state of FreeBSD as an operating system.

Altough the section was originally meant to summarize the state of desktop support in modern kernels, only my own paper was on topic (I talked about things like udev, HAL, inotify, etc.). In my talk I have said that server kernels are generally less interesting, because the desktops have usually more varied usage than (most) servers, which often only run a single application like Oracle or Postfix for their whole lifetime. Interestingly enough authors of both OpenSolaris and FreeBSD presentation explicitly declined to talk about desktops, but still declared that Linux is unstable while their OS is stable. Oh well.

Anyway, here is my paper and slides, and also slides for my other talk The Linux Kernel in the Last Few Years (I have prepared this talk instead of Jirka Kosina, who could not attend the conference).

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