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Fri, 05 Aug 2005

Spam of the day

I received an interesting spam: It had subject "", and this body:

I am writing to inform you that yenya.COM has expired and will be released to the public within the next few days.

There is a good chance that there will be several interested parties attempting to capture this domain when it is released, these will vary from parties with a genuine interest to domain name speculators otherwise known as cyber squatters who often put large price tags on such domains.

We are domain acquisition specialists and I felt that as the owner of, you would have a much more genuine interest in acquiring yenya.COM.

If you would like us to try and acquire this domain on your behalf then please let me know as soon as possible preferably within the next 4 days as any later and it may be too late.[...]

I of course have no interest in buying another domain, nor I want to buy a domain from cyber squatters (such as previous owner of this domain probably was), or spammers and maybe cyber squatters too (the sender of the above mail). But it is interesting to see the variety of means people use to achieve the "3. Profit!" phase.

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