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Tue, 04 May 2010


I don't use except for occasionally reading a .doc file people send to me instead of writing in plain text. I don't know anything about its internals, and I only have a general feeling that is a huge bloated mess[1]. Today I have attempted to confine under SELinux in order to be able to convert untrusted documents to PDF or HTML. I am still not done, but my experience so far has brought the term "huge bloated mess" to a completely new level.

Here are few examples:

On a positive side, with the -headless option now finally can run without actually requiring a connection to the X server (I have discovered it only after spending several hours writing a policy for confining Xvfb. Oh well).

I wonder how many security holes in are waiting to be discovered, because I can't imagine at all how such a code base can be audited for security problems.

[1] Things like mixing Java, C, and their own scripting language for extensions, dialog windows which keep popping up no matter how many times I attempt to close them, their document recovery dialog, and other minor and major surprises.

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