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Mon, 28 Nov 2005

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

In the last few days I have been hunting bugs in various programs:

The evince document viewer displays incorrectly some PDF documents, including the monthly bulletin of our univeristy. It is tracked (with screenshots) in the GNOME bugzilla as #322118, and in the fd.o bugzilla as #5149.

The kernel and upgrade at Odysseus caused something strange in the kswapd - sometimes when running a fulltext indexing of the mailing lists archives both kswap-daemons are eating too much CPU. It can be seen in the CPU usage graph:

CPU usage graph

... at the end of week 45 the new kernel and bigger memory has been installed. This is tracked in this message to linux-kernel list and the following thread.

I wrote about IP conntrack testing on our filtering router. Now it seems that the conntrack module leaks connections, because the number of connections tracked has been steadily increasing since then:

connections tracked

I have not reported this yet, though.

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