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Fri, 30 Mar 2007

The Best of 2006

OK, so the AnimeReactor Community Awards for 2006 have been announced. As I had expected, Haruhi won the most categories, and I hereby declare it the winner of my personal category The most overhyped anime of the year 2006. How does my own The best of 2006 look like?

The Best Overall
Definitely Eureka Seven (which has not even been nominated in this category by ARC awards jury). Altough I have not seen Mushishi yet.
Best Story
Maybe Higurashi no Naku koro ni, but I have seen only few episodes so far. Or Eureka Seven.
Best Character Development
Eureka Seven, altough Black Lagoon and Shuffle! are close enough.
Best Animation/Visual Effects
Maybe Eureka again, I usually do not pay attention to this aspect when watching anime. Eureka has wonderful and imaginative landscapes. Mai-Otome was also interesting from this point of view.
Best Soundtrack
Mai-Otome. Nothing can beat an OST from Yuuki Kajiura. The ARC winner - Eureka Seven - had some interesting songs too, but as a whole - Mai-Otome OST is at least one level above it.
Best Opening/Ending
As for the songs, probably Eureka Seven. Black Lagoon had an interesting opening, but the ending was boring. The same for Higurashi no Naku koro ni. Also Fate/stay night was close. As for the opening/ending animation, Fate/stay night and Eureka Seven win there.
Zero no
Best Action/Martial Arts
I agree with both ARC Awards jury and AnimeReactor community that Black Lagoon is a clear winner there.
Best Adventure/Fantasy
Fate/stay night. I have to admit that Zero no tsukaima was also an interesting, yet different, fantasy.
Best Drama
I am not much to this genre, but maybe Shuffle! (esp. the last third of this series) can count as a drama?
Best Romance/Love story
I don't know what exactly is meant by this genre, but does Fate/stay night count as romance? If not, then I vote for Shuffle!.
Best Comedy
Zero no tsukaima.
Best Fanservice/Ecchi
Maybe Zero no tsukaima again.
Best Sci-Fi/Mecha
As for the later part, Eureka Seven. As for the former, maybe Noein (altough I have not seen all eps yet). I have also seen Starship Operators, which is excellent (and underappreciated), but it is older than 2006.
Best Thriller/Mystery/Horror
Higurashi looks promising so far, and I have not seen anything else from this genre.
Best Male Character
I would say Holland from Eureka Seven. Maybe Archer from Fate/stay night as well. Why often supporting characters are more interesting for me than the leading ones?
Best Female Character
Shinon fron Starship Operators, maybe Asa Shigure from Shuffle!. Whoa! Finally some leading characters there.
Best Villain
Nobody is more evil than lady Balalaika from Black Lagoon.

What interesting anime have you seen last year?

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