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Mon, 22 Aug 2005

Fumoffu? Not really a Full Metal Panic!

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! is a school-life comedy with bits of action and even bits of ecchi here and there. The main character is sgt. Sousuke Sagara, 17 years old highly experienced soldier, and member of a secretive anti-terrorist organization Mithril. Sousuke and Chidori His job is to protect Chidori Kaname, a girl with unspecified special abilities (explained further in the original Full Metal Panic series). The series consists of episodes of Chidori and Sagara's school life, which is full of Sousuke's misunderstandings of the real life.

This series won the Anime Reactor Community Award as a best comedy anime of the year 2003. This fact should send a clear message to those looking for something similar to the original FMP series.

FMP:Fumoffu has the same nice animation and sound as its prequel. I liked the opening and ending songs, and the ending animation was nice and well suited for the series. The story and character development? Well, there are none. Fumoffu is just a bunch of episodes from Sagara's school life, and can be seen as a side story to the FMP series. I am not saying that every anime should have a sophisticated story, but those who haven't should be interesting in some other aspect. Theresa Testarossa A nice example is Azumanga Daioh - it has no story as well (the whole Azumanga series are based on three-panel manga strips), but the series have quite intelligent humor and a nice peaceful atmosphere. Fumoffu also has no story, but then nothing special either. It is just another school-life comedy.

If you like long-blue-haired hyperactive girls, and if you do not expect much more, give Fumoffu a try. It is funny, after all. And both Chidori Kaname and Sousuke Sagara won the ARC awards for the best female and male character of the year 2003. If you are a fan of the original FMP looking for a sequel, you can easily skip Fumoffu, as it is something completely different: no mecha, less action, more comedy/parody, and my favourite character from the FMP series - captain Testarossa - appears in two episodes of Fumoffu only. FMP fans, watch FMP: The Second Raid instead (the first five episodes are available on fansub, and so far it looks very well).

Overall rating: 4/10


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