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Fri, 16 Jun 2006

AnimeNFO Radio

People at chat have told me about AnimeNFO Radio - a Shoutcast-based streaming radio-like application. It has a web-based front-end, in which users can request songs to be played, rate the songs, etc.

It mostly works, but there is a serious drawback - when I start to listen, and request some tracks to be played, they get added to the end of the queue (which is usually between half an hour and hour long). So by the time "my" songs are on air, I usually have to leave for lunch or something. I think it would be better to have some local player, which would know what tracks I have and which ones I prefer, and it should then create a mix of the local tracks with some remote streamed songs, preferably those recommended by usesr with similar preferences as I have. It could even send back info about the tracks I listen, and update my profile on the server.

Ther playlist lacks few tracks which I like: they don't have Nadesico OST, and they don't have the OP from Scrapped Princess, for example. I have yet to figure out how to posts the requests to their forum. On the other hand, I have already heared few interesting songs I don't have.

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