2019 Crossing Numbers Workshop

May (5) 6 - 10, 2019
Telč, CZ (mid between Prague and Vienna)

         a beautiful historic town, listed by UNESCO.

Workshop venue: Masaryk University Centre in Telč (located right on this beautiful square, in a former Jesuit school).

Motto: To meet together, and study the beautiful problems dealing with various flavours of graph crossing numbers, and more generally with geometric graphs.


  • History (since 2010)
  • Participation: by invitation only (however, if we have forgotten about you, just send me an email, @ynenilhfi.muni.cz)
  • Practicalities: more to come soon...
    However, this edition of the workshop will not be supported by any particular grant or project, which means two things: You will have to pay something (like 35-40 Eur per day for meals and cheap double accommodation, or a bit more for more fancy options), but we will be free to do whatever we like.
  • And for those who remember Strobl - yes, we will see many lakes (actually ponds) around Telč.
Looking forward to see you in Telč in May...


While the workshop venue is a beautiful and peaceful place, it is also not so easy to reach. Here is a first rough description of what means of transportation you may use and expect on your journey to Telč.

  • By car: either arrive directly, or rent a car in Prague or Vienna if coming by air (either city is equally far, about 2+ hours drive). Let us know if you have a free seat so that we may possibly organize informal car sharing.
  • By public transport: definitely use BUS (while there is a small train station in Telč, do not try a train).
    • Direct buses Brno → Telč (1:50 hours): Sunday (5.5.) 8:45, 11:30, 16:30, 19:30
    • Direct buses Telč → Brno: Friday (10.5.) 5:00, 11:05, 17:15
    • Direct buses Prague → Telč (2:45 hours): Sunday (5.5.) 10:30, 16:00, 18:10, 20:10 (from the central bus terminal in Prague)
    • Direct buses Telč → Prague: Friday (10.5.) 5:45, 12:00, 17:20
    • If coming through Vienna, then go first to Brno (by train).
  • Airport shuttle?? This is theoretically possible (easier from Prague), but the prices seem so high that you should not consider it unless you form a group coming together.


Masaryk University Centre Telč -- see detailed description

We expect the participants to come on Sunday, and start the research program right on Monday morning, till Friday morning closing session. We will organize some half-day trip during the week, and participants will be free to visit the many touristic attractions in the town when they like.

We plan to occupy the 22 available rooms as single or double (not more), but keep in mind that a single person pays as much as two with double occupancy. Double prices per person per night: 20 or 25 Eur. Note that we may accommodate two families (4 and 5 persons) there. (Alternatively, you may book one of the surrounding hotels yourself, but we prefer to stay together at the workshop, right?)

Concerning meals, we will likely have breakfasts and lunches together in the centre (paid separately from the accommodation), and dinners individually in the town (on the beautiful square).

We will also rent one large lecture room, and around 2 small classrooms for discussions. Besides those, there is indoor and outdoor seating in the centre and in the adjacent park. And the internet connection will be excellent (but do not forget to have Eduroam from your university!).