Postdoc research position offer 2013 (the project at MU)

Faculty of Informatics MU Brno, CZ

For 2 years in the area(s)
Structural graph theory and Parameterized algorithms.

Under supervision of
Prof. RNDr. Petr Hliněný, Ph.D.
Faculty of Informatics MU
Botanická 68a, 602 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Looking for promissing young researchers who would fit in and bring new ideas into our research team...

Job start between June 1 - Sept 1, 2013, for 2 years

You will not need a work permit, but a long-term residence visa will be required for non-EU citizens.

Selection results

Thank you for all applications, to everybody. The selection is finished and approved, and the winners have been notified by email.

Application deadline February 17, 2013

What should be sent via email to
  • An informal cover letter (i.e., the applicant's email itself).
  • A full CV of the applicant including the list of qualifying publications and conference talks.
  • A research statement / motivation letter of the applicant (not too long, just 2-4 pages), addressing also the criteria stated below.
  • A short recommendation letter sent (separately!) by the former Ph.D. supervisor. Another short recommendation letter sent by any recognized researcher in the area.
All supporting documents (e.g., letters of recommendation) should reach us at the latest by February 28, 2013, also via this email

Mandatory conditions

Since this position is a part of an EU-funded project, we have to stick with the following strict conditions:

  • Must have received Ph.D. degree between 28.3. 2008 and the start of the job (no exceptions possible!).
  • Must show previous research interest and results anywhere in graph theory or in theoretical computer science.
  • Must have good knowledge of English language: For non-English-native applicants, a CAE or equivalent certificate will be required (or a degree from an English-language university).
  • This will be the only employment contract of the postdoc. Salary will be given for 24 months in gross amount 50000CZK monthly (more than twice the average income in CZ).
  • The postdoc will have to teach 3-5 hours per week (Graph theory tutorials, and a new focused course, in English).
  • The postdoc will have to spend 2-3 months (total length) on research visits abroad during his contract.

Selection process

Again, we are bound by the project conditions to come with a complicated explicit-score based selection process, which we particularly implement as follows:

  • 50% score will be given for quality scientific publications:
    • 30% objective (numeric) score for the number of quality publications
      - only impacted journals and recognized refereed conference proceedings (i.e., conferences of the level "rank A or B") will be considered,
      - the applicant with the highest number will receive full 30%, and the others will get proportional amount each.
    • 20% subjective evaluation of the quality of publications
      - this includes impact factors of the journals and ranking of the conferences, and can take into an account also the quality of papers currently submitted to journals.
  • 50% score will be given for subjective criteria including:
    • 30% subjective evaluation of the match with research interests of our team.
    • 10% subjective evaluation of applicant's research statement / motivation letter.
    • 10% subjective evaluation of the recommendation letters.