Our Educational Systems

Overview of main adaptive educational systems developed by our group (all systems are available in Czech, some also in other languages):

Outline maps (Slepé mapy)Geography practice (names and locations of countries, cities, mountains, ...). Available also in English, Spanish, German.
Anatomy practiceAnatomy for medical students using high quality images from the Memorix textbook. Available also in English.
RobomiseProgramming using Blockly.
Umíme českyPractice of Czech spelling and grammar.
Umíme anglickyPractice of English grammar and vocabulary (for Czech students).
Umíme matikuMath practice.
Poznávačka přírodyNature quiz - practice of names of animals, trees, ...
MatMatMath practice for kids (counting and basic arithmetic operations).
Problem Solving TutorPractice of problem solving skills (math, computer science, logic puzzles). Available also in English.

Other systems (developed by former master students): Autoškola chytře (practice for driving licence tests), Slepá anatomie (anatomy), Anglická slovíčka (English vocabulary), Učím se číst (reading for kids).