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Name Lang. Description Size Date File Zip Sig
Digital Rights Managment, master thesis
CZ Master thesis 1.11MB 6/2004 DRM2004.pdf DRM2004.zip DRM2004.pdf.asc
DRM (appendix), master thesis
CZ Master thesis appendix 0.44MB 6/2004 DRMappendix2004.pdf DRMappendix2004.zip DRMappendix2004.pdf.asc
DRM (slides)
CZ Master thesis slides 0.22MB 6/2004 DRMslides2004.ppt DRMslides2004.zip DRMslides2004.ppt.asc
Internet Archive, essay
CZ Internet pages and digital contents archiving service. Technology overview, pages collecting principles, Way-Back Machine, available archives. 0.19MB 12/2003 InternetArchive2003.pdf InternetArchive2003.zip InternetArchive2003.pdf.asc
Genetic algorithm, essay
CZ Technology overview, genetic programing, neural networks weight inicialization, digital image processing, evolutionary art. 0.16MB 6/2002 GeneticAlgorithm2002.pdf GeneticAlgorithm2002.zip GeneticAlgorithm2002.pdf.asc
AES comparison
CZ Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael) comparison with 3DES and IDEA. Design and encryption speed in different modes, C++ & Java languages. 0.51MB 8/2001 AEScomparison2001.pdf AEScomparison2001.zip AEScomparison2001.pdf.asc
Keystroke Dynamics, essay
EN History, technology details, extraction methods, advantages and disadvantages, BioPassword. 0.17MB 6/2001 KeystrokeDynamics2001.pdf KeystrokeDynamics2001.zip KeystrokeDynamics2001.pdf.asc

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