Digital Game Development

Digital Games Development

This site as well as "Digital Games Development" field of study is under construction. Please, be patient and check later for more details...
Last update: May 31, 2018

New field of study should start at semester "Autumn 2019". Some courses, like PV255 and PV266 are already running. We are currently preparing several brand new - see below. Beside the courses, there will be also a mandatory internship in game studio as a part of study and game-related diploma thesis.
The whole study program will be taught in English.


  • Game Design I
  • Game Design II
  • Game Development I
  • Game Development II
  • Advanced Computer Graphics
  • Artificiall Intelligence for Computer Games
  • GPU Rendering
  • Art Anatomy I
  • Art Anatomy II

Profile of Graduate

Will be added later...

Partner Game Companies

  • Bohemia Interactive
  • Hangar 13
  • CBE Software
  • ... more will be annonced later ...

Brno and Game Development

Will be added later...