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IV055 Cryptographic Seminar

Cryptographic seminar extends techniques presented in the course IV054 Coding, Cryptography and Cryptographic protocols. Each year a different set of selected cryptographic topics is presented.

Each student is expected to actively participate on the course, i.e. to choose one specific topic, present it in the form of a 40 minute talk, and prepare at least 5 (10 recommended) page report. Student is required to submit the transparencies one week before the presentation. Student is required to attend the lectures on a regular basis. In order to pass he can skip at most 3 lectures (excluding lectures skipped because of authorized reasons). Quality of the talk and report is a crucial part of the evaluation. Do not underestimate presentation, prepare either quality black-board based presentation or a beamer/powerpoint presentation (highly recommended for beginners).

The deadline for the report submission is 14.12.2011.

Additional topics will be presented by lecturers of the course and guests lecturers.

Schedule of Lectures

Date Room Speaker Title
21.9.2011 12:00 B411 Jan Bouda Introduction, presentations, seminar topics
28.9.2011 12:00 ---- ---- State holiday
5.10.2011 12:00 B411 Jan Bouda Introduction to Randomness Extractors
12.10.2011 12:00 B411 Jan Bouda Wegman-Carter hashing
19.10.2011 12:00 B411 Colin Wilmott Gentle invitation to Quantum key distribution
26.10.2011 12:00 B411 Matej Pivoluska Encryption and weak sources of randomness
2.11.2011 12:00 B411 Marek Kumpošt TOR
9.11.2011 12:00 B411 Zbyněk Konečný Quantum one-time pad
16.11.2011 12:00 B411 Vladimír Míč
Martin Adam
Pseudo-random congruential generators
23.11.2011 12:00 B411 Zuzana Petruchová Impossibility of bit commitment
30.11.2011 12:00 B411 Jaroslav Šeděnka Group signatures
7.12.2011 12:00 B411 Tomáš Zahradník Randomness extractors: two independent sources
14.12.2011 12:00 B411 Zbyněk Konečný Quantum one-time pad revisited
21.12.2011 12:00 B411 --- Report consulting and Crypto-MAS

Actual Topics

  1. Message transmission via multiple disjoint channels - secret sharing vs. error correction
  2. Randomness extractors
    1. for Bit-fixing sources
    2. for Santha-Vazirani sources
    3. multiple independent sources
  3. Pseudorandom number generation (congruential generators, LFSR)
  4. Non-malleable cryptography
  5. Device independent security analysis
Students are welcomed to suggest new topics of interest.