Homework Assignments

Homework Submission

To submit your homework, you are required to create two git repositories at the Faculty of Informatics’ GitLab page. The repositories have to be named pv264_hw1 and pv264_hw2. To submit the work, you simply tag the commit that contains your final version with a tag that starts with submit. For repeated submissions, simply use different tags that all start with submit, e.g. submit1, submit2, …

Note: If you don’t know how to create a tag in a git repository, you can always use GitLab’s web interface to do so (on the repository page you can click the + symbol above name of the last commit).

Repository rules:

Submission rules:

Compilation on aisa:

Every homework has to compile on aisa using clang++ 5.0 with the following options:

-std=c++17 -Wall -Wextra -Wold-style-cast -Werror -pedantic

We also strongly recommend using the -Weffc++ flag as well. We also recommend using clang-tidy. The list of clang-tidy checks we use when checking your code can be found here.

Note: If clang-tidy produces any warnings, we will most probably reject your code. If you think that your code is OK and that the warning is wrong (or unfixable), please write a comment near the problematic part of your code explaining the situation. You may also add a // NOLINT comment on the problematic line to silence the warnings. (This does not stop us from seeing the warnings!) If you don’t understand why a specific warning has been issued, you can always consult the clang-tidy documentation.