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Getting to Brno

By air

Brno has just small airport (Brno-BRQ) with three regular flights from (and to) Prague per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). Nearest international airports are in Vienna (130km) and Prague (200km). There are good train/bus connections to Brno from both airports. Czech Airlines offers shuttle service from Prague airport to Brno city terminal (Brno-ZDN). Ask your travel agent for this option when buying your plane ticket.
From Prague to Brno
To get to the centre of Prague from the airport, you can go by public transport or take a taxi.

Prague's public transport system offers the cheapest way to get from the airport to the centre and vice versa. Bus line 119 runs every 20 minutes between 4:00 and 24:00, leaving from a stop in front of the aiport terminal and going as far as the Dejvicka Metro station. (Before you get on the bus, you have to buy a 12 Kc ticket, available from vending machines or newsagents at the airport.) At the Dejvicka station you transfer to the Metro system and travel to either the Main Railway Station (Hlavni nadrazi) or the railway station Prague Holesovice, or to the central coach station at the Florenc Metro stop, depending on which means of transport you will be using to travel on to Brno (see below).

An alternative way of getting to the city centre is by taxi. There are flat rates of 380 Kc to the Holesovice railway station, 560 Kc to the central bus station Florenc, and approximately 650 Kc to destinations in the centre of the city (where the Main Railway Station is situated).

There is also the possibility of travelling directly to Brno from Prague airport on mini-buses operated by Czech Airlines. This service runs four times daily on weekdays and twice a day on weekends; the journey takes about 2 hours 45 minutes. It is best to make a reservation on this mini-bus when you buy your air ticket, but you can also enquire at the Czech Airlines desk at Prague airport as to whether there is a free seat on the next bus. If you have pre-booked a ticket on the mini-bus, you must "check in" at the Czech Airlines counter in the airport departure hall.

From Vienna to Brno
If you travel by air to Vienna, you can then proceed to Brno by train from Wien Sudbahnhof or you can take the direct bus to Brno departing from the airport at 17:05 every day.
By train

The main north-south railway line in Central Europe passes through Brno, which means that it is easily accessible by train from most points on the continent. The journey from Prague by fast train takes three and half hours; EC trains (recommended) shorten the journey to 2 hours 45 minutes. There are about a dozen trains between Prague and Brno every day, some leaving from the Main Railway Station and others from the station in Prague Holesovice.

Vienna is even closer than Prague, only 1 hour 40 minutes away. Four EC trains daily (from Wien Sudbahnhof) link the two cities.

By coach

Many cities in Europe, and most of its major cities, have direct coach links with Brno. These may not be available every day, but they are convenient, and ticket prices are very low.

From Prague to Brno
Within the Czech Republic, there are bus departures from Prague central bus station (situated at the Florenc Metro stop) virtually every hour during weekdays, and slightly less frequently on weekends and holidays. The journey takes about 2 hours 45 minutes.
From Vienna to Brno
Twice a day, morning and late afternoon, buses leave Vienna for Brno from the Invalidenstrasse. The journey lasts about two and a half hours.
By car

Brno is situated at the meeting point of motorways Dl (Prague-Brno) and D2 (Brno-Bratislava). Both are part of the trans-European road system, which links France with the Ukraine (E50) and Scandinavia with the Balkans (E65). Other major roads lead northeast to Poland and the Baltic states and south to Austria and Italy. Brno is about 120 minutes drive from Vienna or 150 minutes drive from Prague. Use exit 190 when leaving motorway from Prague.

There is a covered car park in hotel Slovan near hotel Continental (about 170 meters). Entry is at the end of Mezirka street (see the map of conference location and map with marked access from Vienna and Prague).

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Reaching the conference site and hotels Druzba and Continental

From railway station

The Brno main railway station is called "Brno Hlavni nadrazi". To reach the conference site (Faculty of Informatics, Botanicka 68a) use the tram line 1 in direction "Reckovice" and leave on fifth stop "Hrncirska". To reach the university hotel Druzba (Kounicova 50), you can use bus line A12 in direction "(Kralovo Pole) Technicke muzeum" or "Kolejni" and leave on the seventh stop "Klusackova". At night you can use the bus line 93 in direction "Oresin" instead of bus line A12. To reach the hotel Continental you can use the same bus lines and leave on the third stop "Ceska". Important points can be found on map of conference location.

From bus stations

There are two bus stations in Brno: "Grand hotel" and "Zvonarka". The first one is located near the railway station. The second one is located about 500 meters from railway station (over footbridge to TESCO store and through underpass).

From airport

You can use bus line 76 to reach the railway station from the airport.