Conference venue

The CONCUR 2002 conference is hosted by the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University. All talks, tutorials, and workshops will take place in the faculty campus.

The Faculty of Informatics has been established in 1994. It is located at Botanicka 68a (phone number (++420-5) 41 512 111), not far from the city centre. At the moment, the faculty has three departments and over 1500 students.

Registration desk

Registration desk (phone number (++420-5) 41 512 405) will be open at the Faculty of Informatics from Sunday, August 18 till Saturday, August 24 in the following times:

Sunday 16:00-20:00
Tuesday8:00- 17:00 (financial arrangements 8:30-10:00)
Wednesday8:00- 12:00 (financial arrangements 8:30-10:00)
Thursday8:00- 17:00 (financial arrangements 8:30-10:00)

Please note that you can go directly to hotel and visit the registration desk later.


University hotel Druzba
Hotel Continental

A standard CONCUR registration fee includes basic accommodation for 5 nights starting on August 19 (evening) till August 24 (morning) in the university hotel Druzba at Kounicova 50 (phone number (++420-5) 41 321 217). You may go directly with your luggage to the hotel and register at conference venue later; these two places are within walking distance apart (300 meters).

Interactive map of Brno with emphasised Kounicova street and point on university hotel Druzba.

Some participants will be accommodated in the hotel Continental at Kounicova 6 (phone number (++420-5) 41 519 111) offering 30% discount for reservations arranged by CONCUR 2002 participants before July 15 (when booking in the hotel use the password "CONCUR 2002 - Masarykova Universita"). The hotel is on the same street as hotel Druzba, but it is closer to the city center. The conference venue is still within a comfortable walking distance (15-20 minutes walk). Alternatively, trolley-bus line 132 goes from the "Smetanova" stop to the "Botanicka" stop, which is very close to the conference venue (see the map).

Interactive map of Brno with emphasised Kounicova street and point on hotel Continental.

The receptions of both hotels operate non-stop.

Another accomodation services in Brno can be found here. You can also download accomodation information brochure (Czech, Englisch, Deutsch) with addresses, prices and facilities.

Breakfast and lunch

Internet access

Access to computer rooms

There is a computer hall available for the participants in the bulding B (see the plan of the venue). There are also two smaller rooms B116 and B117 accesible from the computer hall. There are WWW browser, SSH client, telnet client, FTP client and the e-mail (POP-3) reader installed on all of the computers. Users can log in with user name "concur" and password "con2002". All the users' data are shared.

There will be a limited number of seats for connecting notebooks using the 10baseT ethernet in the room B204. Users have to set up their computers to obtain an IP address and the DNS server name dynamically from the DHCP server. Usually this can be set up in the "network configuration" dialog, the "TCP/IP protocol" submenu, and the checkbox called "select IP address automatically".

Wireless local network

There is a wireless network available in the faculty campus. The network complies to the IEEE 802.11b standard and covers most of the campus area including the courtyard. The exception is the computer hall and the basement of the building B.

For connecting to the wireless network it is necessary to have a computer with the wireless interface compliant to the Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) specifiaction. The network name (also called ESSID) has to be set up to the string "wlan_fi" and the encryption has to be switched off. The computer has to be configured to obtain an IP address and the DNS server name dynamically from the DHCP server (see above).

Welcome gathering

The welcome gathering will take place in the open space inside the building complex of the faculty campus at 18:00 on Monday, August 19. Wine & cheese and Starobrno beer will be served.

Conference trip

A trip to Moravian Karst (Macocha abyss, Punkva caves) is scheduled on Wednesday afternoon, August 21. It is strongly recommended to take some warm cloth which can be put on and off easily, as the visit of Punkva caves takes 60 minutes and the average temperature in the caves is 8,9 °C. The page describing the caves can be found here.

The buses will be waiting in front of the mensa at Veveri street. The scheduled departure is 13:45, and the estimated arrival back to Brno is 18:00.

Conference dinner

Conference dinner takes place in the hotel Santon near the Brno dam on Thursday evening, August 22. A special tram for CONCUR participants departs at 19:15 from "Tabor" tram stop situated near the university hotel Druzba (it is not the nearest tram stop - see the map). Even if you miss the special tram, you can use an ordinary one (line 3 or 11) going in direction "Bystrc" and go to the "Pristaviste" stop. Then ask about the way to the hotel Santon.

There will be also a special tram for the way back, departing at 23:45 from the "Pristaviste" stop.

Map of conference location