Daniel Iľkovič

I am a first year PhD student at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, working under the supervision of Daniel Kráľ at the DIMEA laboratory, and
at the Mathematics Institute and the DIMAP research centre, University of Warwick, working under the supervision of Richard Montgomery

ilkovic at mail.muni.cz
  1. A. Grzesik, D. Iľkovič, B. Kielak, D. Kráľ: Quasirandom forcing orientations of cycles, SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics 37 (2023), 2689–2716.
  1. D. Iľkovič: Quasirandomness of tournaments via 12-cycles, Eurocomb 2023
  1. Combinatorics Seminar, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, 10/2022. Quasirandom tournaments
Attended events
  • Structural Graph Theory Bootcamp 2023, Warsaw
  • Eurocomb Conference 2023, Prague
  • AlgoMaNet 2023, Brno
  • Cracow Summer School in Discrete Mathematics 2022, Cracow
  • Prague Summer School on Discrete Mathematics 2022, Prague
  • AlgoMaNet 2022, Cracow
Autumn 2023
teaching assistant in "Randomized Algorithms and Computations"
Spring 2023
teaching assistant in "Seminar on Discrete Mathematical Methods"
Autumn 2022
teaching assistant in "Artificial Intelligence I"
assistant in "Graph Theory"
Autumn 2021
teaching assistant in "Artificial Intelligence I"
12th place in the CERC ICPC 2023
2nd place in the CTU OPEN 2023
SVOČ is a competition of bachelor and master students of Czech and Slovak universities in mathematics and computer science
Awarded the first prize in the Section Mathematical structures at SVOC competition, Liberec, 2023
Research topic: Quasirandomness of tournaments via 12-cycles
Google code jam
Obtained 398th place in the third round
Master (yellow) rank on Codeforces platform