Quantum Computing
Jozef Gruska


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ISBN: 0-07-709503-0
Published: May 1999
Binding:  Softcover
Pages: 439 - 246x189
Price: 34.99, DM73

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About author

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Professor of Computer Science, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republik

Recent books:

Research Interests:

Quantum information processing, Foundations of Informatics, Parallel automata, Descriptional complexity

Publication activities:

Over 100 papers, books, lecture notes and proceedings.

Courses taught (currently):

Quantum computing, Randomized algorithms, Cryptography and cryptographic protoocols, Computation complexity, Communication networks, Kolmogorov complexity.

International Science Positions:

Member of program committees over 45 international conferences, EATCS Council member (1985-91), Founding chair of IFIP Specialist Group on Foundations of Computer Science.

Visiting Positions:

3 years --- University of Hamburg; 2 years --- University of Minnessota (Minneapolis); 8 months --- University of Nice (Sophia Antipolis); 6 months --- Fridrich Schiller University (Jena), University of Waterloo; 4 months --- University of Hamburg (2x), University of Salerno, University of Viena, Technical University of Vienna; 3 months --- University of Paris 6, Ecole Normale Superieure Lyon, University of Karlsruhe,....

Science Positions (recent):

Member of the scientific boards of Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Commenius University (Bratislava); Member of the Commitee for mathematics and informatics of Czech granting agency.

Awards (recent):

1995 --- IFIP Silver Core; 1996 --- IEEE Computer Pioneer Award; 1997 --- Golden Medal of Masaryk University; 1999 --- Award of Rektor of Masaryk University for special achievemnets; 1999 --- Medal of first degree of Czech Ministry of Education.

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