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1 Hisao Kuwabara Perceptual Properties of Syllables Isolated from Continuous Speech for Different Speaking Rate Rejected Edit Delete
2 Shu-Chuan Tseng Transcribing and Annotating Mandarin Conversational Dialogues Rejected Edit Delete
3 Jorge Grana and Miguel A. Alonso and Manuel Vilares A Common Solution for Tokenization and Part-of-Speech Tagging LP Edit Delete
4 Vlastislav Dohnal Approximate Searching in Large Collections of Text Data Rejected Edit Delete
5 Ilya Oparin Differences in the Stability of Russian and Greek Speech Signal towards Noise Effects Rejected Edit Delete
6 Amparo Varona Integrating high and low smoothed LMs in a CSR system Rejected Edit Delete
7 Imad A. Al-Sughaiyer and Ibrahim A. Al-Kharashi Rule Parser for Arabic Stemmer LP Edit Delete
8 Kristîne Levâne Latvian Corpus Rejected Edit Delete
9 Tomaž Šef and Maja Škrjanc and Matjaž Gams Automatic Lexical Stress Assignment of Unknown Words for Highly Inflected Slovenian Language LP Edit Delete
10 Jesús Vilares Practical NLP-Based Text Indexing Rejected Edit Delete
11 András Kocsor and Kornél Kovács Kernel Springy Discriminant Analysis and its Application to a Phonological Awareness Teaching System SP Edit Delete
12 Lukasz Debowski Testing the Limits - Adding a New Language to an MT System Rejected Edit Delete
13 Kornel Kovacs Hungarian Speech Synthesis Using a Phase Exact HNM Approach Rejected Edit Delete
14 Pavel Květoň and Karel Oliva Achieving an Almost Correct PoS-Tagged Corpus LP Edit Delete
15 Rei Oguro and Hiromi Sekiya and Yuhei Morooka and Kazuyuki Takagi and Kazuhiko Ozeki Evaluation of a Japanese Sentence Compression Method Based on Phrase Significance and Inter-Phrase Dependency LP Edit Delete
16 Tiit Hennoste Determining Dialogue Acts in Estonian Dialogue Corpus Rejected Edit Delete
17 Michael V. Boldasov and Elena G. Sokolova and Michael G. Malkovsky User query understanding by the InBASE system as a source for a multilingual NLG module(first step) SP Edit Delete
18 Anton Batliner and Viktor Zeissler and Elmar Nöth and Heinrich Niemann Prosodic Classification of Offtalk: First Experiments LP Edit Delete
20 Tomaž Rotovnik and Mirjam Sepesy Maučec and Bogomir Horvat and Zdravko Kačič, Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition of Slovenian Language Using Data-Driven Morphological Models SP Edit Delete
21 Jinyoung Kim Modified LBG Clustering Algorithms for Small Unit Inventory in Corpus-based TTS system Rejected Edit Delete
22 Manolis Maragoudakis and Aristomenis Thanopoulos and Nikos Fakotakis Statistical Decision Making applied to Text and Dialogue Corpora for Effective Plan Recognition LP Edit Delete
23 Dana Hlavackova Morphological Tagging of the Brno Spoken Corpus Rejected Edit Delete
25 Jiří Mírovský NetGraph System--Searching through the Prague Dependency Treebank Rejected Edit Delete
26 Jindřich Matoušek and Daniel Tihelka and Josef Psutka and Jana Hesová German and Czech Speech Synthesis Using HMM-Based Speech Segment Database LP Edit Delete
27 Markéta Lopatková and Veronika Řezníčková and Zdeněk Žabokrtský, Valency Lexicon for Czech: from Verbs to Nouns SP Edit Delete
29 Georg Stemmer and Stefan Steidl and Elmar Nöth and Heinrich Niemann and Anton Batliner Comparison and Combination of Confidence Measures LP Edit Delete
30 Andrej Žgank and Tomaž Rotovnik and Zdravko Kačič and Bogomir Horvat Uniform Speech Recognition Platform for Evaluation of New Algorithms SP Edit Delete
31 Jan Nouza Strategies for Developing a Real-Time Continuous Speech Recognition System for Czech Language LP Edit Delete
32 Jan Nouza and Petr Kolář and Josef Chaloupka Voice Chat with a Virtual Character: The Good Soldier Svejk Case Project SP Edit Delete
33 I. Azzini and T. Giorgino and D. Falavigna and R. Gretter Application of Spoken Dialogue Technology in a Medical Domain SP Edit Delete
34 Goran Nenadić and Irena Spasić and Sophia Ananiadou Term Clustering using a Corpus-Based Similarity Measure SP Edit Delete
35 Emilio Sanchis and Fernando García and Isabel Galiano and Encarna Segarra Applying dialogue constraints to the understanding process in a Dialogue system LP Edit Delete
36 Carlos D. Martínez-Hinarejos and Francisco Casacuberta Evaluating a Probabilistic Dialogue Model for a Railway Information Task LP Edit Delete
37 Dana Nejedlová Comparative Study on Bigram Language Models for Spoken Czech Recognition LP Edit Delete
38 Pascal Wiggers and Leon J. M. Rothkrantz Integration of speech recognition and automatic lipreading LP Edit Delete
39 Dimitri Woei-A-Jin Anaphora Resolution in a speech recognition environment will not arrive Edit Delete
41 Vlasta Radova A Method for Segmentation of Voiced Speech Signals into Pitch Period Segments Rejected Edit Delete
42 Michal Prcín and Luděk Müller Heuristic and Statistical Methods for Speech/Non-speech Detector Design LP Edit Delete
43 Adam Przepiorkowski The Unbearable Lightness of Tagging: Case Study in Polish Morphology Rejected Edit Delete
44 Nestor Garay-Vitoria and Julio Abascal and Luis Gardeazabal Evaluation of prediction methods applied to an inflected language LP Edit Delete
45 Andrés Montoyo and Rafael Romero and Sonia Vázquez and Carmen Calle and Susana Soler The Role of WSD for Multilingual Natural Language Applications LP Edit Delete
46 Maria Yavorskaya Wordnet as a Tool for Measurement of Domain Similarity of Texts Rejected Edit Delete
47 Antoine Rozenknop A Gibbsian Context-Free Grammar for Parsing LP Edit Delete
48 Ilyas Potamitis and Nikos Fakotakis and Nikos Liolios and George Kokkinakis SPEECH ENHANCEMENT USING MIXTURES OF GAUSSIANS FOR SPEECH AND NOISE SP Edit Delete
49 Armando Suárez and Manuel Palomar Word Sense vs. Word Domain Disambiguation: a Maximum Entropy approach LP Edit Delete
50 César González Ferreras and David Escudero Mancebo and Valentírn Carde\ noso Payo From HTML to VoiceXML: A first approach. SP Edit Delete
51 Juan Luis Garcia Zapata On Portability of Automatic Speech Recognition: A Study Case Rejected Edit Delete
52 Piotr Banski The Pros and Cons of Stand-off Annotation: IPI PAN Corpus Design Rejected Edit Delete
53 D.W. Oard and D. Demner-Fushman and J. Hajič and B. Ramabhadran and S. Gustman and W.J. Byrne and D. Soergel and B. Dorr and P. Resnik and M. Picheny Cross-Language Access to Recorded Speech in the MALACH project LP Edit Delete
54 Gies Bouwman and Lou Boves Utterance Verification based on the Likelihood Distance to Alternative Paths LP Edit Delete
55 Tomáš Bartoš and Luděk Müller Rejection technique based on the mumble model LP Edit Delete
56 Petr Motlírček and Lukáš Burget Efficient Noise Estimation and its Application for Robust Speech Recognition LP Edit Delete
58 Milan Sečujski and Radovan Obradović and Darko Pekar and Ljubomir Jovanov and Vlado Delić Synthesis in Serbian Language LP Edit Delete
59 Gregers Koch Basic Principles of Automated Information Extraction Rejected Edit Delete
60 Krasimira Petrova Adaptation of Swedish Transcription System for Spoken Language Analysis for Bulgarian Rejected Edit Delete
61 Marek Trabalka and Mária Bieliková Using Salient Words to Perform Categorization of Web Sites LP Edit Delete
62 Petya N. Osenova automatic Identification and Linguistic Description of the Abbreviation in the BulTreeBank Electronic Text Archive Rejected Edit Delete
63 Pavel Skrelin A Physical Pause as a Sequence of Special Articulation Gestures Rejected Edit Delete
67 Bronius Tamulynas Multilingual Computer-based Communication and Language Processing: Lithuania case Rejected Edit Delete
68 Nira B. Volskaya Pause duration at syntactic boundaries will not arrive Edit Delete
69 Huang Ke, Ma Shaoping Text Categorization Based On Concept Indexing and Principal Component Analysis will not arrive Edit Delete
70 Gábor Alberti and Helga M. Szabó Discourse-Semantic Analysis of Hungarian Sign Language LP Edit Delete
71 Janez Žibert and France Mihelič and Nikola Pavešić Speech Features Extraction Using Cone-shaped Kernel Distribution LP Edit Delete
72 Simon Dobrišek and Jerneja Gros and Boštjan Vesnicer and France Mihelič and Nikola Pavešić A Voice-Driven Web Browser for Blind People LP Edit Delete
74 Josef Psutka and Pavel Ircing and Josef V. Psutka and Vlasta Radová and William J. Byrne and Jan Hajič and Samuel Gustman and Bhuvana Ramabhadran Automatic Transcription of Czech Language Oral History in the MALACH Project: Resources and Initial Experiments LP Edit Delete
76 Antanas LIPEIKA On Speaker Adaptation in Isolated Word Recognition Rejected Edit Delete
77 Daniel Martins Influence of text coherence’s disruption on story memorisation and interestingness Rejected Edit Delete
78 Takafusa Kitazume Automatic Video Caption Generation for Sound Containing Voice and Music Rejected Edit Delete
79 Juan M. Montero ANESTTE: a Writer’s Assistant for a Specific Purpose Language Rejected Edit Delete
80 Robert Král Word Sense Discrimination for Czech SP Edit Delete
81 Irina Rozina Interactive learning media for language, communication and culture study Rejected Edit Delete
82 Sorin Dusan A System for Multimodal Language Acquisition Rejected Edit Delete
84 Takeshi Akatsuka Automatic Generation of Iroha-Uta Poetry Rejected Edit Delete
85 Lim Tek Yong The Exploratory of Personal Assistants Rejected Edit Delete
86 Dita Bartůšková and Radek Sedláček Tools for Semi-Automatic Assignment of Czech Nouns to Declination Patterns SP Edit Delete
87 Tomáš Holan Dependency Analyser Configurable by Measures LP Edit Delete
88 C.K. Yang and L.J.M. Rothkrantz knowledge based speech interface for handhelds LP Edit Delete
89 Pavel Cenek A Flexible Framework for Evaluation of New Algorithms for Dialogue Systems SP Edit Delete
90 Sven Hartrumpf and Hermann Helbig The Generation and Use of Layer Information in Multilayered Extended Semantic Networks LP Edit Delete
92 Antonio Molina A Hidden Markov Model Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation Rejected Edit Delete
93 Aleš Horák and Vladimírr Kadlec and Pavel Smrž Enhancing Best Analysis Selection and Parser Comparison LP Edit Delete
94 Fatiha Sadat and Masatoshi Yoshikawa and Shunsuke Uemura Exploiting Thesauri and Hierarchical Categories in Cross-Language Information Retrieval LP Edit Delete
95 Francisco Díaz Segmentation of TI-Digits Corpus with Hidden Markov Models Rejected Edit Delete
96 Csaba Szepesvari On the utility of smoothing in spoken dialogue systems Rejected Edit Delete
97 Robert Batůšek An Analysis of Limited Domains for Speech Synthesis SP Edit Delete
98 Genevieve Baudoin and François Capman and Jan Černocký and Fadi El Chami and Maurice Charbit and Gérard Chollet and Dijana Petrovska-Delacrétaz Advances in Very Low Bit Rate Speech Coding using Recognition and Synthesis Techniques LP Edit Delete
99 Marion Mast and Thomas Ross and Henrik Schulz and Heli Harrikari Different Approaches to Build Multilingual Conversational Systems LP Edit Delete
100 Victoria Arranz and Núria Castell and Montserrat Civit Strategies to Overcome Problematic Input in a Spanish Dialogue System LP Edit Delete
101 Robert Hecht and Jürgen Riedler and Gerhard Backfried Fitting German into N-Gram Language Models LP Edit Delete
102 Guy Camilleri Dialogue systems and planning LP Edit Delete
103 Kris Demuynck and Tom Laureys A Comparison of Different Approaches to Automatic Speech Segmentation LP Edit Delete
104 Jan Žižka and Aleš Bourek Filtering of Large Numbers of Unstructured Text Documents by the Developed Tool TEA LP Edit Delete
105 Stefan Grocholewski Within-vowels correlation in speech and speaker recognition Rejected Edit Delete
106 Yassine Ben Ayed and Dominique Fohr and Jean Paul Haton and Gérard Chollet KEYWORD SPOTTING USING SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINES LP Edit Delete
107 Guido Aversano and Anna Esposito Improved performances and automatic parameter estimation for a context-independent speech segmentation algorithm LP Edit Delete
108 Marek Labuzek English Translator - A Bi-directional Polish-English Translation System Rejected Edit Delete
109 Zdenek Svoboda The Encyclopedia Expert Rejected Edit Delete
110 Pascal Nocera and Georges Linares and Dominique Massonié and Loic Lefort Phoneme Lattice Based A* Search Algorithm for Speech Recognition LP Edit Delete
111 Christophe Heintz Naming and the management of social interactions Rejected Edit Delete
112 P. Matějka and P. Schwarz and M. Karafiát and J. Černocký Some like it Gaussian ... SP Edit Delete
113 Dominic Widdows and Scott Cederberg and Beate Dorow Visualisation Techniques for Analysing Meaning LP Edit Delete
114 Aldezabal Learning Argument/Adjanct distinction for Basque Verbs will not arrive Edit Delete
115 Liang Huang and Yinan Peng and Huan Wang and Zhenyu Wu Part-of-Speech Tagging for Old Chinese LP Edit Delete
116 Gregory Martynenko Statistical Taxonomization of Literary Corpus Rejected Edit Delete
117 Marina Lublinskaya and Tatiana Sherstinova Audio Collections of Endangered Arctic Languages in the Russian Federation LP Edit Delete
118 Junko Araki Action Vectors and Its Application to Interactive Dialogue Systems Rejected Edit Delete
119 Ewa Lukasik Elements of speaker variability in some voiceless phonemes Rejected Edit Delete
120 Igor A. Bolshakov Word Combinations as an Important Part of Modern Electronic Dictionaries Rejected Edit Delete
121 Alexander Gelbukh A Method for Development of Automatic Morphological Analysis Systems for Inflective Languages Rejected Edit Delete
122 Rodolfo A. Pazos R. and Alexander Gelbukh and J. Javier González B. and Erika Alarcón R. and Alejandro Mendoza M. and A. Patricia Domírnguez S Spanish Natural Language Interface for a Relational Database Querying System LP Edit Delete
123 Marek Veber Formal system for collocations in Czech Rejected Edit Delete
124 Diana Zaiu Inkpen Automatic Sense Disambiguation of the Near-Synonyms in a Dictionary Entry Rejected Edit Delete
127 Schwarz Jana Dialogue Models for Bilingual Human-Computer Interaction in a City Information System Rejected Edit Delete
128 Elena Karagjosova and Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová An Analysis of Conditional Responses in dialogue SP Edit Delete
130 Ghuilaine Clouet Etude de la perception de la qualite des sites Web par les usagers en vue de dimensions d'evaluation et resultats utiles a la conception Rejected Edit Delete
131 Fernando LLopis Pascul Passage Selection to Improve Question Answering Rejected Edit Delete
132 Karel Pala A Procedure for the Semiautomatic Building of Consistent Dictionary Definitions Rejected Edit Delete
133 Elena Boian The lexical-morphological analysis system of the Roumanian language Rejected Edit Delete
134 Agnieszka Mykowiecka A Large-Scale Corpus of Polish and Tools for its Annotation Demonstration Edit Delete
136 Bronius Tamulynas Computer-based Translation from English to Lithuanian Demonstration Edit Delete
137 Alexander Troussov IBM Dictionary and Linguistic Tools system “Frost” Demonstration Edit Delete
138 Piotr Banski XML architecture for a modern corpus Demonstration Edit Delete
139 Qian Hu The MITRE Audio Hot Spotting Prototype - Using Multiple Speech and Natural Language Processing Technologies Demonstration Edit Delete
142 Elena Boian Romanian words inflection Demonstration Edit Delete
143 Elena Karagjosova GoDiS - Issue-based dialogue management in a multi-domain, multi-language dialogue system Demonstration Edit Delete
144 Demidova Valentina Hyphenation algorithm for Romanian language words Demonstration Edit Delete
145 Styve Jaumotte Semantic Knowledge in an Information Retrieval System Demonstration Edit Delete
146 Petr Schwarz Keyword spotting system Demonstration Edit Delete
201 Michael Bodasov Generator module for InBASE NL data base Interface system Demonstration Edit Delete
202 Beate Dorow Visualisation Techniques for Analysing Meaning Demonstration Edit Delete
203 Zhiping Zheng Deploying Web-based Question Answering System to Local Archive Demonstration Edit Delete
204 Pavel Rychly Advance concordances with Bonito Demonstration Edit Delete
205 Jan Šedivý Demonstration of multi-modal applications on IPAQ Demonstration Edit Delete
206 pics pics Edit Delete