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Final Paper Instructions

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Submissions must be lodged by,

midnight MAY 31, 2002 (GMT).

If you do not submit by this date, your paper may not be included in the Proceedings.

Manuscript preparation

Your manuscript should be prepared according to the instructions given by Springer-Verlag. Notice in particular that preparation of your manuscript in LaTeX2e format is more than strongly recommended. Get Acrobat Reader We suggest working from the LaTeX example files. To read detailed instructions in PDF format (local mirror) you need Acrobat Reader. We suggest you print and read them carefully.

Paper format

Submitted papers may be up to eight/four pages in length, depending on the paper type, including figures and references, using a font not smaller than 10 point. Text is to be confined within a page frame set by LLNCS LaTeX2e !! style file. Editors reserve the right not to include papers containing more than that, or not following author's instructions. The Proceedings will be available also in an electronic version in Springer's LINK database, Therefore you have to submit, in addition to the final postscript file, all the source files, e.g. TeX files for the text and encapsulated postscript files (.eps) for figures, the final dvi file, and final version of your contribution. Please ensure that in all cases the source text is identical to the postscript version.

TSD editors' LaTeX email help service

In case you have technical problems with formatting of your LaTeX files, please consult FAQ and if the problems persist, we are offering "LaTeX email help service" for you at LaTeX email help service. We may help you with the conversion from non-LaTeX formats like MS Word to LaTeX. As figures often cause problems we suggest consulting document Using Imported Graphics in LaTeX2e.

Supplementary material

There is the possibility to add info about the supplementary material to be posted together with your paper. If you have such material posted on your server, please upload the file named "supp<your_ID>.html" with a short description of supplementary material and with the URL at which the material can be found. Springer-Verlag will add this description of the supplementary material to the LNCS Online and will create a link to your server.

Copyright form

All contributing authors have to complete and sign the copyright form (local mirrored files: HTML, PostScript, PDF). It is sufficient if one author from each contribution signs the form on behalf of all the other authors. In the Conference/Book field please fill in: "Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference TSD 2002, Brno, Czech Republic, September 9-12" and in the Volume Editors field fill in: "Petr Sojka, Ivan Kopecek, Karel Pala".

The copyright form is also available as a pre-filled MS-WORD files: MS-Word 6.0, MS-Word 97/2000

You can send the signed form either by normal mail to TSD 2002 Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Botanická 68a, CZ-60200 Brno, Czech Republic,
by fax to ++420-5-41212568.

Electronic submission instructions

Before submitting the files, please make sure that no further changes will be needed. Once your submission is completed, we cannot accept corrections or repeated submission. Please submit the postscript file and all the other files of the final version of your paper using the online form.


In order for a paper to appear in the Proceedings, at least one of the authors must register for the conference by the deadline for the camera-ready copy (i.e. May 31, 2002).


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