Invited Talks

(titles of the talks are tentative)

D. Harel (Rehovot)
Towards a Theory of Infinite Recursive Structures and Databases

W. Maass (Graz)
On the Role of Time and Space in Neural Computations

Yu. Matiyasevich (Petersburg)
Trace Monoids and their Decision Problems

M. Yannakakis (Murray Hill)
Testing of Finite State Systems

G. Ausiello (Rome)
Dynamic Algorithms for Directed Hypergraphs and Applications

E. Borger (Pisa)
Mathematical Analysis of Java programs

Yu. Gurevich (Ann Arbor)
Logic with Choice

R.M. Karp (Seattle)
Algorithms for Mapping and Sequencing the Human Genome

K. Mehlhorn (Saarbrucken)
From Algorithm to Program

S. Micali (MIT-Cambridge)
Computationally-Sound Proofs and Checkers

M. Nielsen (Aarhus)
Reasoning about the Past

A. Pnueli (Rehovot)
Modularization and Abstraction: The Keys to Practical Formal Verification

P. Pudlak (Prague)
On Algorithms for Satisfiability

C. Stirling (Edinburgh)
The Joys of Bisimulation

J. Wiedermann (Prague)
Towards Algorithmic Explanation of Mind Evolution and Functioning

P. Hajek (Czech Republic)
Trakhtenbrot's theorem and fuzzy logic

J. Mitchell (USA)
Analysis of security protocols

I. Nemeti (Hungary)
Connections between Temporal Logics of Programs (Actions), Temporal Logics of Relativity Theory and Logic of Relativity.

Th. Schwentick (Germany)
Descriptive Complexity and Lower Bounds

J. Tiuryn (Poland)
Can we Make Subtyping over a Lattice of Atomic Types Practically Feasible?

FICS'98 - Fixed Points in Computer Science
  • A. Arnold
    Boolean mu-calculus and its relations with model-checking and games

  • J.W. de Bakker
    Fixed points in metric semantics

  • Y.N. Moschovakis
    Fair, non-deterministic recursion in higher types
Frontiers between Decidability and Undecidability
  • S. Grigorieff (Paris)
    Decidability/Undecidability problems for multi-tape finite automata

  • L. Kari (London, Ontario)
    Achieving Universal Computational Power Using DNA
Mathematical Linguistics
  • S. Marcus
    Contextual Grammars, Learning Processes and the Kolmogorov-Chaitin Metaphor
MFCS'98 Workshop on Communications
  • Ralf Klasing
    Methods and problems of wavelength routing in all-optical networks
MFCS'98 Workshop on Concurrency
  • J. Esparza (Munich)
    Unfoldings: verification using partial orders

  • F. Moller (Uppsala)
    Pushdown Automata, Multiset Automata, and Petri Nets
Molecular Computing
  • L. Kari (London, Ontario)
    Towards a DNA solution to the Shortest Common Superstting Problem

  • J. Reif
    Experiments in Biomolecular Computation
Randomized Algorithms
  • A. Ambainis (Berkeley)
    Randomization in learning theory

  • G. Brassard (Montreal)
    The security of quantum bit commitment schemes

  • M. Karpinski (Bonn)
    On the Computational Power of Randomized Branching Programs