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LAPACK & BLAS precompiled binaries for Win32 platform

The source codes of lapack and blas packages are available from http://www.netlib.org/liblist.html. Since no open source Fortran compiler is natively available for Win32 platform, the precompiled binaries of these two packages can be downloaded from http://www.netlib.org/lapack/archives/ as well. Unfortunately, there are some bugs in those lib files. When building any C++ application in MSVC .NET against lapack.lib and blas.lib you can reveal several linking troubles. For this purpose appropriate makefiles in source codes were changed and corresponding binary files were built using Intel ® Fortran compiler (ver 11.0):
*) Required libraries (DLLs as well as LIB files) are part of Intel ® Fortran compiler distribution (30 day evaluation version is available).

If you want to build the binaries on your own

  1. Download the original lapack source codes as well as a patched tar-gzipped lapack/blas directory structure lapack-3.2.1-win32-patch.tgz.
  2. Unpack it in the same directory (source codes the first).
  3. Change the file make.inc to fit your PC configuration.
  4. Type nmake in the command line.

LAPACK & BLAS header files for C/C++

The source codes of lapack and blas were simply submitted to f2c program in order to obtain the prototype for each lapack/blas function. You can either create the header files in the same way on your own or use ours:
It is good to know that the header files are platform independent, i.e. these can be used either in Windows (MSVC .NET) as well as in Linux (GNU C/C++) without any further modification.

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