Last updated: August 26, 2016, 09:29:28 PM

Free Java Card development toolchain based on NetBeans

Complete developement toolchain with step-by-step description for Java Card development controlled from NetBeans IDE. Includes Java Card conversion and applet upload&installation.

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JavaCard's algorithms support test

The set of cryptographic algorithms supported by the particular Java smart card is sometimes hard obtain from vendor's specifications. Moreover, supported algorithms may change in more recent revisions of given type of card (typically, basic primitives like block cipher or asymetric cryptography algorithm remains same as they are often implemented in hardware, but cryptographic constructions like particular MAC algorithm or supported key sizes may be added). AlgTest application allows you to enumerate the support of cryptographic algorithms specified in JavaCard 2.2.2 and earlier.

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PC/SC APDU logger and real-time manipulator

The application for capturing of APDU trace log of communication between PC application and smart card, visualization and real-time manipulation according to the pre-defined rules.

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Cryptographic algorithms re-implementation for JavaCard (AES, SHA2-512, OAEP)

The set of cryptographic algorithms supported by the particular JavaCard smart card is not usually covering all algorithms specified in JavaCard specifications. This page provides some software re-implementation of selected cryptographic algorithms for JavaCard, optimized for speed and low memory/code footprint (but do not expect similar performance as with natively supported algorithms). Code is available under BSD-style license.

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SecureFW : Protection Framework

Software applications executed in current common PC environments are not protected from skilled attackers able to use debuggers or disassemblers. In this page, practically implemented system (SecureFW) for improving security of software application (e.g. software agent) is described. Combination of programmable cryptographic smartcards with support for JavaCard and methods of a mobile cryptography (a.k.a. whitebox attack resistant cryptography) is used. SecureFW framework provides background to shift sensitive code and data of software agent into physical secured environment of smartcard. Possible usages as a ground for Digital Rights Managment architecture and enhancing protection of signing key against malware is described.

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.NET smart card cryptographic capabilities

Basic information about Gemalto .NET smart card cryptographic capabilities can be obtained from CardConfig.xml file positioned in root directory of the smart card.

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.NET smart cards communication protocol

Unlike with JavaCard smart cards, programming and communication with application uploaded on .NET-enabled smart card is not done with APDU (Application Protocol Data Unit) commands in the responsibility of developer. For the first look, application on the .NET smart card is viewed as server with its URI (Uniform Resource Identificator) whose methods are called. No APDU command construction is ever done by .NET developer, only server methods are called. Still, APDU commands are present on the lower level but shielded from developer by automatically generated stub library responsible for wrapping and unwrapping of method calls into APDU commands. Basic inspection of APDU format for .NET method calls is described

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