You can find the current information about my work on my university profile. Also, you can download my CV.


In work in the Cybersecurity laboratory at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University and in the cybersecurity team CSIRT-MU. I enjoy finding new ways of effective teaching of security professionals. We use practical training exercises with a game structure, from which we collect and analyze educational data.


The list of my publications is available at my university profile, Google Scholar, and GitHub. Publicly available are also my Ph.D. thesis proposal, Master's thesis, and Bachelor's thesis.


I have experience in presenting my research at top-ranked conferences in the USA, including ACM SIGCSE. Next, I shared my teaching know-how at PyCon 2017 and 2016 conferences. I also regularly return to my high school, where I discuss computer science with students.


I lead Python programming seminars and help running several cybersecurity courses. In the past, I was a private tutor and organized workshops for high school students (also here). My goal is to create interesting and valuable classes, and I receive very positive feedback from my students. I also won the award for the best teacher.

Student supervision

I really like supervising theses and student projects. Examples of topics I currently offer are on the website of KYPOLAB. Before you contact me with the request for thesis supervision, please, read the following document.

Educational videos

Apart from in-person classes, I created mathematical educational videos in my own project Elea: Nauč sa matiku (Teach yourself math) and also for the company Datakabinet.


publications at international conferences


years of teaching


educational videos about mathematics


visited countries in 3 continents

  • 3rd best paper award in the category Computing Education Research. (Proceedings) (Video) (Tweet)
  • Rector’s Award for the best educators in the category Computer Science and Economics. (More info; Czech only)
  • Winner of the Award for the best student educators in the category Computer Science and Economics. I was chosen based on the combination of university professors' recommendations, students' votes, and the senate's independent decision. (More info; Czech only)
  • Best Master's thesis related to IT security. (More info)
  • Qualifying in quarterfinals of the ACM IT SPY competition for the best Master's thesis in Czech and Slovak Republic. (More info)
  • Dean’s Award for Master's thesis. (More info)
  • Dean’s Award for Bachelor's thesis. (More info)
  • Dean’s Award for excellent academic performance. (More info)
  • Winning video in “Can you teach?” competition. (More info; Czech only)


“Valdemar always comes up with new ideas out of the box and strives to deliver outstanding performance and high quality solutions.”

Jakub Tomiš, my teacher and a municipal councilor of village Dolný Lopašov

“The best seminar tutor I ever had, fair, always perfectly prepared. Friendly approach, kind, charismatic. I looked forward to every single class.”

Anonymous feedback from Software Engineering class

“Individual approach. Gladly helps. The lessons are not generic or boring, he creates extra activities. Comprehensible explanations. Fun classes.”

Anonymous feedback from programming class

“Your videos saved me, your explanations are great. I often don't get it in my math classes, but your videos made me understand right away.”

Ema Černáková, comment on my mathematical video on YouTube

“It was fun, you created a perfect atmosphere and I learned a lot. I'll start studying computer science at home, too. Thank you, you're great.”

Anonymous feedback from programming workshop for high school girls.



About me

I like to travel and want to visit many different countries. I've spent one semester of my Master's studies in Copenhagen, Denmark. (If you want to go on Erasmus, read old webpage with my experiences.) In my free time, I used to play the guitar. My teacher was a great guitar player Martin Novák from the band Sto Múch. I listen mostly to jazz and different rock genres. I do recreational swimming and boxing, and I love hikes in the nature.

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Valdemar Švábenský, 4 years

Dog sledding

Norway, Tromsø

Uvac Gorge

Serbia, Uvac National Park


Slovakia, Low Tatras

Sea fish

Croatia, Rabac

The junction of Baltic and Northern Sea

Denmark, Skagen


Denmark, Gentofte

Dog on a beach

Sweden, Malmö