DIVINE's main web page is divine.fi.muni.cz, on this page you can find informations about version which was submitted to SV-COMP 2016.

Prebuilt binary tarballs

Prebuilt tarballs contain DIVINE together with LART LLVM transformation tool, LLVM Clang and opt (from The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure), and libraries required for them.

In the tarball all binaries can be found in divine-bin/bin. All tartball are for Linux x86_64.

Source code

Up-to-date source code can be downloaded using darcs:

darcs get --no-http-pipelining http://paradise.fi.muni.cz/~xstill/dev/divine-next/

There are also source tarballs:


To built DIVINE from source you will need gcc and g++ at least 4.9, LLVM and Clang 3.7, perl 5 and cmake. After extracting the source tarball or getting darcs repository run:

chmod +x configure # needed only for darcs version
cd _build
make lart divine

Built binaries can be fould in tools/.


As for SV-COMP 2016 submission version of DIVINE, primary corresponing author is Vladimír Štill.