Vojtěch Řehák

Vojtech Rehak   Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University
Brno, Czech Republic.

   Faculty of Informatics
   Botanicka 68a
   602 00 BRNO

Office: C436
Phone: +420 549 49 4687
Timetable: in IS
Email: rehak (at) fi.muni.cz

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Research interests:
  • Game theory, Security games, Patrolling
  • Stochastic systems, Continuous-time Markov chains, Generalized semi-Markov processes, Deterministic and stochastic Petri nets, analysis and synthesis
  • Network protocol description, Message Sequence Charts, realizability, race conditions, formal verification
  • My PhD related to Process Rewrite Systems and supervised by Mojmir Kretinsky
  • Concurrency theory, Models of infinite state processes, Automata and formal languages
  • Model checking, Formal verification in practice

Current projects:
  • Regstar - Efficient Strategy Synthesis for Adversarial Patrolling Games - UAI 2021

Former projects:
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