Advanced EEM parameterization tool

Obtaining NEEMP

We provide binaries for the most common systems (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows) for user convenience.

NEEMP source codes are available under the GNU GPLv3 licence. For help on compilation of NEEMP please refer to the README file.

NEEMP was tested on the following systems: CentOS 7.2, Debian 7.9/8.5, Ubuntu 14.04/16.04. Windows 10.

Used external libraries


For a list of options run neemp -h or neemp --help.

Basic usage is covered in the User manual.

For reports generation, use the following script.

Example data

To try NEEMP, you can use the following example data:


Tomáš Raček, OR

NEEMP is a part of services provided by ELIXIR – European research infrastructure for biological information.
This work was supported by ELIXIR CZ research infrastructure project (MEYS Grant No: LM2015047) including access to computing and storage facilities.
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