LaTeX tips

Over the years I learned a few tricks in LateX. This is primarily inteded to aid my memory, and to help other people who want to do the same things I do, and who want to save some time.

Program listings

good general-purpose package for adding pseudocode to you document
A source code printer for LaTeX. Supports many programming languages
like a verbatim, but "\", "{", and "}" keep their original meaning


After using many different packages I finally settled on Beamer.


I usually use XFig, and export to "PDF+LaTeX".


I stopped using CSLaTeX some time ago. Babel now supports Czech reasonably well, so it is better to use it instead. My standard header looks as follows:


When compiling, just use the standard latex of pdflatex command.

Czech quotes without CsLaTeX

The eaiest way is to define a new command \uv in the preamble:

\newcommand\uv[1]{\quotedblbase #1\textquotedblleft}


Erasing all unused entries from the bib file (i.e. for the proceedings submission):

bibtool -x document.aux -o document.bib


I switched completely to TeXlive 2007 for both Linux and Windows.

Under Linux I use XEmacs for editing and under Windows I prefer the TeXnicCenter.

Jan Obdržálek

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