Linux/Ubuntu/Debian tips

Debian is the Linux distribution I've been using for many years. In 2008 I switched to Ubuntu (for workstations, servers are still running on Debian). This is primarily inteded to aid my memory, and to help other people who want to do the same things I do, and who want to save some time.


My favourite tool for synchronising multiple computers. These are my preferences other than path or ignore:

log = true
ignorecase = true
perms = 0x600
times = true


This helps when cannot connect to a computer due to having a different key than the one in /etc/ssh/authorized_keys:

$ ssh-keyscan -H -t rsa hero > ~/.ssh/known_hosts
$ ssh-keyscan -H -t rsa > ~/.ssh/known_hosts 

Jan Obdržálek

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