PhD. student of IT security @ FI MU.

My primary fields are security, cryptography and cryptanalysis.


White-Box Attack Resistant Cryptography

  1. Diploma thesis
    • Thesis archive [EN]
    • Abstract: This thesis is focused on a study of security issues related to an execution of cryptographic algorithms in an untrusted environment. It mainly studies whitebox cryptography methods of transforming algorithms in such a way they resist attacks like key-extraction and inverting in some extent. Particularly it examines whitebox transformations of AES cipher and attacks on these transformations. Transformations construction and implementation is described. In the thesis was discovered the known attack works also on AES transformation using dual ciphers by Karroumi that was supposed to resist the attack. The new improvements for increasing a resistance of transformations to known attacks were proposed.
  2. Conference: MKB 2013 (Santacrypt) -- Keymaker
  3. Conference: EurOpen 2013 (Vranov)
  4. AcmSpy 2013
  5. Whitebox AES poster
  6. Whitebox AES implementations

Symmetric NAT traversal

  1. Establising a direct connection between hosts Alice and Bob, both behind symmetric NAT with predictable port allocation function.
  2. Paper presented @ SINConf 2014, published in ACM, presentation (MS Office 2007+ needed)
  3. Python implementation on GitHub.

Evolutionary circuits using Algebraic Normal Form

Using genetic algoritms to desing algebraic normal form circuits in order to find weaknesses in cryptographic algorithms.

Attack on APK

Attacking Android APK files. Paper submitted to IEEE Security & Privacy.

High order algebraic cryptanalysis

Using cube attack and high order approximation as a cryptanalysis tool to attack cryptographic primitives, e.g., Keccak.

Wireless sensor networks

Intrusion detection system for wireless sensors networks.

Teaching - Java cryptographic architecture / extension (JCA/JCE)

Lecture material can be found on this link.


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