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About me

Hello. My name is Martin Janů, and I am currently a student of Informatics at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. I am also a tech-tinkerer, amateur photographer, occasional gamer, and unwillingly, a go-to tech support and system administrator at home *sigh*


I like people. I fear new people. I fear smalltalk. I love deep conversations. I like productivity. I'm often unproductive. I'm not an artist. But I like art. I like music. Who doesn't? I also like reading books. I feel I don't read enough books. I'll watch a good movie. I'll walk away if I get bored. I can spend days playing PC games. I can spend weeks not playing PC games. I rarely finish personal projects. But I don't mind.
I'm weird. Roll with it.


You may contact me using the following means: