Basic Information

  • The goal of this course is to give you real-life experience with game development. During the internship, you will spend some time in gamedev company, working on real game engines, tools and real games. This should give you more experience in development itself, but also about teamwork, using SW tools specific to GameDev, hiring process, etc.
  • The internship could be also coupled with diploma thesis – depends on mutual agreement between you, game studio and thesis supervisor.
  • The internship itself could be realized in Czech, Slovak or English speaking company.
  • Company doesn't have to be located in Brno (e.g. if you live in Prague, there is a lot of game studios there). Same goes for Slovak Republic.
  • Since 2020, the course is open both in spring and autumn semester. The internship itself could happen also before or after semester – i. e. during the summer or also during the exam period. But, the grading could be done only after at least 80% of internship will take place.

What you should do before enrollment / internship

  1. Prepare a portfolio of your results. Invest as much time as possible into it – for people, who are deciding if you will be accepted or not, the portfolio is usually much more interesting and important than CV. But, prepare also a nice CV ;-) Beside game-related projects from FI MUNI, include all other relevant results – games from game jams, mods you have created, articles about games you published, etc.
  2. Think about the position you want apply for – would it be coder, skripter, graphic artist, animator, etc.? Do not say “it doesn’t matter”. Even if there is no free slot for your desired position, it is good to have clear idea what you want to do in future.
  3. Revise the portfolio based on desired position. If you want to apply for, e. g. 3D Environment Artist, you should have some cool graphical assets in your portfolio.
  4. Go through web pages of game studios in Brno a beyond. There is a frequently updated list at Check what types of games they are working on (target platform, engine, visual style, etc.). Make some priorities where you want to do an internship.
  5. Prepare a short motivation letter for a company.