A Ten-step Introduction to Concordancing through the Collins Cobuild Corpus Concordance Sampler


This website is a quick rewrite of one of the same name that was created in 2002, and hosted on a public server. Since then, the Cobuild Sampler went completely off line for a long time. It is now back with some improvements that are not yet reflected in this Ten Step Intro. Concordancing for language study itself has undergone some evolution which will be reflected in the next version.

I am in the process of creating a similar introduction to the Sketch Engine, the concordancer created at the Faculty where I work. For access to Sketch Engine and other web-based concordancers, click here.

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  1. Introduction

  2. Getting started: find a word

  3. Searching for lemmas and word families

  4. Part of Speech Searches

  5. More than one word

  6. Searching for structures

  7. Language varieties

  8. Collocation

  9. Searching for Answers

  10. Further study and other resources


when Bernie Grant is seen to be in concordance with Winston Churchill, he must  
 did seem to indicate some kind of concordance, it was easily seen that the     
    formations" characterized by a concordance or compatibility between non-    
       sinologiques [f] 56. [p] 2) Concordance des chronologies neomeniques     
        Cruden, author of Biblical Concordance, London, 1770; Lord George       
artist, who savours the unexpected concordance linking say, a French reclining  
    By comparison, the equivalent `concordance rate" was only 11 percent among  
       among fraternal twins this `concordance rate" is much lower (Deutsch &   
   Martin Abig, took a five-volume concordance--a list of all the words in the  
 from binary digit and so on. KWIC concordance erm er [ZF1] K [ZF0] K W I C     
 erm er [ZF1] K [ZF0] K W I C KWIC concordance which is an English pun. Not     
 go through the corpus [M0X] [ZGY] Concordance.  [ZG0] [F0X] and put in a file  
         [M0X] Yeah that was [F0X] concordance forms [ZGY] [ZG1] something like 
 highlight pens on every line of a concordance you know printed it out erm      
   you [ZF0] you know you get some concordance lines up [ZF1] for [ZF0] for     
  of flexible way of approaching a concordance like that would be [F0X] This is 
yeah. [M0X] Mm. [M0X] Oh sorry yes concordance yes that's right [F0X] [ZGY]     
[F0X] [ZGY] [M0X] we've translated concordance that's right yes. [M0X] Right so 
   re just looking straight at the concordance for a word like nice and picking 
using the corpus and fairly simple concordance type facilities in other words   
 is complementary to looking at it concordance-wise looking at it through