About me

My name is Samuel Mohr. As a postdoc at the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University, I worked in the Laboratory of Discrete Methods and Algorithms (DIMEA) with the group headed by prof. Daniel Kráľ. I finished my PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Matthias Kriesell at Ilmenau University of Technology roughly two years ago.

My full CV can be found here.

Research interests

My PhD thesis was entitled Rooted structures in graphs : a project on Hadwiger's conjecture, rooted minors, and Tutte cycles. You can find it published here, and you can download a PDF copy.

At Masaryk University, I started to work on extremal combinatorics. My research interests largely focused on the following:

  • Combinatorial Algorithms
  • Structural Graph Theory
  • Limits and Randomness of Combinatorial Objects

Three months last year, I worked as a short-term scholar supervised by Prof. Florian Pfender at University of Colorado Denver. The research project was about “Exploring Flag Algebra Methods to Study Minors in Graphs”.

Recent Submissions

  • Christoph Brause, Jochen Harant, Florian Hörsch, and Samuel Mohr:
    Spanning trees of smallest maximum degree in subdivisions of graphs
    arXiv: 2210.04669.
  • Matija Bucić, Jacob W. Cooper, Dan Kráľ, Samuel Mohr, and David C. Munhá:
    Uniform Turán density of cycles
    arXiv: 2112.01385.
  • Andrzej Grzesik, Dan Kráľ, and Samuel Mohr:
    Strong modeling limits of graphs with bounded tree-width
    arXiv: 2103.10354.
List of all publications

Recent and future events

This year so far, I attended the Graph Theory Oberwolfach Meeting as a workshop participant acting as the official video conference assistant to ensure that the meeting ran smoothly in a hybrid mode.

You can find a list of all my organised and visited events and conferences here.