Academic Stays

Years and DurationFocus on University and DepartmentTownCountry
1994: 4 monthsMathematics Technische Hochschule Darmstadt Darmstadt Germany
1995-1996: 9 monthsOptical Microscopy University of Oxford, Dept. of Eng.Science, Scanning Optical Microscopy Group Oxford United Kingdom
2001: 2 weeksMicro-Axial Tomography University of Heidelberg, Kirchhoff Institute of Physics, Applied Optics and Information Processing Group Heidelberg Germany
2004: 3 monthsSpectral Imaging Lappeenranta University of Technology, Dept. of Inf.Technology, Machine Vision and Pattern Recognition Group Lappeenranta Finland
2006: 6 weeks
2008: 2 months
Image Acquisition University of Navarra, Centre for Applied Medical Research (CIMA), Imaging Core Facility Pamplona Spain
2007: 1 monthImage Analysis Uppsala University, Centre for Image Analysis Uppsala Sweden