Linux driver for COSA synchronous serial boards


Jul 9, 1999
Version 1.06 of user-space utils and the kernel driver released. The firmware bug work-around. The race in sppp_open (fixed by Marcelo Tossatti). Changes to make it compile under 2.3 kernels. No significant changes in user-space utils.
Feb 6, 1999
Version 1.04 released. More changes - driver should be more robust now (rejected packets are handled more gratiously, DMA timeout recovery improved) and faster (changed the order in which I/O operations are issued). New cs8.hex firmware. The user-space utilities are now available as RedHat RPM package, and the startup scripts are integrated to the RedHat Linux (they remain usable on other distributions, though).
Dec 25, 1998
Version 1.03 released. This adds a inter-channel flow control (as supported by the newer COSA firmwares), has some "make install" improvements, etc.

Dec 6, 1998
Version 1.02 released