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Academic Position

Petr Hlineny
FI MU Brno, CZ
About Petr Hlineny 's academic work and position: scientific research (math & cs), teaching, students, etc.
(My current full-time position is at Faculty of Informatics MU Brno, CZ.)
21 April 2008

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    Faculty of Informatics MU Brno, CZ

I am, currently, an Associate Professor in Computer science. My current full-time academic position is at Masaryk University in Brno, CZ, Dept. of Computer Science. My institutional address is:

Petr Hlineny
Faculty of Informatics MU,
Botanicka 68a,
602 00  Brno,
Czech Republic.
(Contact me via e-mail, anyway...)
To get there, follow the map instructions.

I am also a senior researcher with the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (ITI, the MU Brno branch), a leading research group in TCS in the Czech Republic.

Refer to my teaching (MA053 Matroid theory •MA052 Advanced Graph Theory II •MA051 Advanced Graph Theory I •MA010 Graph Theory •IB000 Induction and Recursion •IA102 Optimization Tasks ) and research pages for more information.

    My academic CV

Academic Career

Research interestsDiscrete mathematics / Theoretical computer science: Professional experienceDoctoral and Postdoc positions: Regular academic positions (tenured): Scientific awards and grants

Research statement

Publication listing

Full (long) CV in a PDF document

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Faculty of Informatics MU Brno, CZ
21 April 2008

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