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Funding: Fund for Development of Universities, FRVS - 0407/1999
Starting Date: January 1, 1999
Duration: 1 year
Project Leader: Ludek Matyska (FI)
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Description The main purpose of this project is the support of MSc. Hana Rudova as a PhD student through development of her creativity and improvement of her work conditions. Hana Rudova works in the Department of Information Technology at the Faculty of Informatics in the area of constraint logic programming. She studies the strategies for solving over-constrained problems on concrete problems in the time tabling and in the digital typesetting. She proposed a framework for solving over-constrained problems based on preferences of variables, so called variables' annotations. The main part of project will concentrate on constraint systems with variables' annotations and practical application of this theoretical approach. Achieved results will be presented in foreign international and local conferences and will create a part of her PhD thesis.

This project is a follow-up to Constraint logic programming project (FRVS#0748/1998) funded by FRVS from 1998.

For more details see complete project description (in Czech)

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  1. Presentation in foreign and local conferences
  2. Presentation in Seminar on Informatics (FI)
  3. Technical report at FI MU Report Series
  4. Final report
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  • Hana Rudova. Timetabling with constraints. Presentation in Seminar on Informatics , Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, May 1999.
  • Hana Rudova. Over-constrained systems. In Proceedings Sixteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-99) / Eleventh Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference (IAAI-99), page 954. AAAI Press/The MIT Press, July 1999. Presented in 1999 SIGART/AAAI Doctoral Consortium.
  • Hana Rudova, Ludek Matyska. Uniform framework for solving over-constrained and optimization problems. Presentation in Student Session of International Summer School on Constraints in Computational Logics, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, September 1999.
  • Hana Rudova, Ludek Matyska. Uniform framework for solving over-constrained and optimization problems. In CP'99 Post-Conference Workshop on Modelling and Solving Soft Constraints , Alexandria, Virginia, USA, October 1999.
  • Hana Rudova, Ludek Matyska. Timetabling with annotations. Technical Report FIMU-RS-99-09, 17 pages. Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, December 1999.
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