2nd International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Model Checking

PDMC 2003

July 14, 2003, Boulder, Colorado, USA
Affiliated to CAV 2003, 8 - 12 July 2003.


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Workshop Speakers
Pictures taken by Tamir Heyman

Orna Grumberg opening the workshop

Invited talk given by Assaf Schuster (Haifa, Israel)
Distributed Model Checking - Experiences, Lessons, and Expectations

Parallel Model Checking for LTL, CTL*, and Lmu2
presented by Martin Leucker

Using Assumptions to Distribute AFMC Model Checking
presented by Jitka Zidkova

Distributed Explicit Bounded LTL Model Checking
presented by Pavel Krcal

Random Walk Based Heuristic Algorithms for Distributed Memory Model Checking
presented by Hemanthkumar Sivaraj

Compressed and Distributed File Formats for Labeled Transition Systems and
Distributed Branching Bisimulation Reduction of State Spaces
both presented by Stefan Blom

Benchmarking Explicit State Parallel Model Checkers
presented by Eric Mercer

From Abstract Distributed Model Checking to Concrete Implementation
presented by Christophe Joubert