SB AWE 32 - pages of naked truth

. . N o w . b i g g e r . a n d . t r u e r . t h a n . e v e r . .

Written by Mathias C. Hjelt


This is, simply put, a whole lot of rare information about the AWE and how to use it. The main purpose of it is to get the truth known and to help people take their cards as far as possible. However, first you should know what these pages are not:

These pages deal with things that every AWE user should be aware of, especially those who are interested in getting the most out of the card in terms of sound quality, and those who want to know what the difference between the AWE and a professional sampler is. Lots of stuff for new, to-be, and experienced AWE users.

A major update was done on 19 Aug 95. A few new pages were added, and the old ones have been more or less rewritten. The truth has sort of expanded and developed since the first release, so if you care about accurate information, read it all even if you've browsed through it before.


Most of this stuff is based on my own research. Ever since I purchased my AWE I've been examining it from all points of view, writing down what I found out, and now I decided to make it all available on the net. However, I have of course received lots of ideas, info, etc, from people around the net and the world - click for a list of thanks & credits.


Basic hardware & tech Truths & tricks Personal advice Software & net resources

Remember that it is not my intention to provide the readers with a complete set of information covering every detail of the AWE. There are manuals, FAQs and other Web pages that handle that part fairly well. With these pages, I'm trying to fill out the missing parts of the picture, and that's why I have concentrated on the odd stuff, the true stuff, the sad stuff - stuff that isn't available on every little FTP and Web page out there. So don't expect to find solutions to all your problems here. If there's something you can't figure out or something you can't get to work properly, please read the manuals first, then ask at the newsgroups, then read the manuals again to make sure you understood what you read, and then just try anything.. anything that might give you a clue. If nothing helps, you could try mailing me, but I warn you: I don't have time to keep up with the enormous amount of mail I receive, and I can't possibly reply to everything. Anyhow, you could give it a try if you're really desperate. (but remember to configure your mailer/browser with your real email address - many fail to do that!). A few more comments regarding these pages are available - click.

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