Czech Technical University(CTU)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department of Control Engineering
Czech Republic

Olga Stepankova, Vladimir Marik, Jiri Lazansky, Lubos Popelinsky, Dimitr Kazakov, Jiri Klema

ILP Areas
Transformation of logic programs, Inductive synthesis of logic programs, Knowledge discovery in databases, Inductive identification of technical systems.

In 1995, the node became responsible for data collection for ILPNET repository situated in GMD.
Description of Research
Transformations and synthesis of logic programs [11,12] have been studied by the Czech LP community during the last decade. Only recently, we have realised that example guided folding and predicate invention fit well into the ILP framework. An ILP system for efficiency improving transformations of logic programs is currently under development.

Being very recent in the ILP comunity, the Czech ILP group is gathering first on-hand experience with available ILP systems. Special attention is devoted to those approaches which might prove useful for identification of technical systems (data-dependency discovery, induction of qualitative laws from exemples of behaviour). In order to support this goal, there are being reimplemented some modifications of known ILP algorithms. Public ILP software is used for experiments with grammar induction from natural texts. WiM system has been developed based on Shapiro's MIS system emploiting experience of Markus system of Ljubljana. The new methodology of ILP - assumption-based learning - was applied which employs abduction and queries to a teacher. WiM is able to learn the common ILP benchmark predicates from very small number of examples.

Possible interaction with database community is examined. The INDEX system of Peter Flach for finding dependencies in relational databases has been impproved [2]. WiM has been used to build database schema in deductive object-oriented databases [7,8]. More developed approach is being tested for KDD purposes.

Contact Person

Olga Stepankova
Department of Control Engineering, FEL
Technicka 2, 166 27 Prague 6
Czech Republic
Phone: +42 2 293107
Fax: +42 2 290159


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