Jan Kučera

Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics
Building B, room #420
Botanicka 68a
Czech Republic (Czechia)
Solar System
Milky Way Galaxy
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Phone: +420 549 49 44 01, +420 777 933 479

E-mail: kuc@fi.muni.cz (or equivalent forms: kuc@mail.muni.cz, jkucera@fi.muni.cz)

ICQ: 162880201

Skype: Aerotic

Consulting hour: Wednesday 13.00 - 14-00

My assistent: RNDr Petr Švenda, xsvenda@fi.muni.cz

Courses taught in Autumn terms:

Courses taught in Spring terms:



Personal characteristics:

programmer since 1961

astro.jpg (1465 bytes) amateur astronomer  

amateur poet at as Albireo; formerly also at SASPI, Mezera, BlueWorld

joke collector

member of  SISYFOS (Czech organization of skeptics)

bubak1.gif (1776 bytes) SF fan

See homepage of our Spitz "Bertík"