The snapshots from TSD 2000

Faculty of Informatics

Registration desk at Tuesday

Faculty courtyard

First registration - Gabriele Kodydek

Welcome Drink - Tuesday evening

Cembalo for Richard Stern

Students dormitory

Welcome Drink

Computer room


Richard Stern playing cembalo

Small discussion

Welcome Reception

Some wine?

Full table

Ready for fire

Invitation talk

Dialogue 1

Dialogue 2

Dialogue 3

Dialogue 4

Dialogue 5


Banana party

Move it from the top and...

Food support team

Please Mr. president

Reception is over

Day 3

In front of conference rooms

Discussions were also in the courtyard

Room D2

Trip to Straznice


Stadium in Straznice

Museum in nature in Straznice

And now to wine cellar

Wine cellars at Petrov-Plze

Final instructions...

...and go down.

Cimbal music and our guide

First round

Second round

Time for dinner

Typical atmosphere

Tradicional works demonstration

Real wine cellar

Red & white

Would you like to dance?


Back to TSD. Or not?