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The server is available to students for longer or more complex calculations. Students and teachers get access automatically.

How to work

The way of working on the Adonis server is the same as on the Aura computing server, so please read the section How to work on computing servers. The exception is disk capacity, as data is stored on RAID 10 volumes on the Adonis server.

Hardware configuration

The Adonis server is now running on the HP DL980 G7 platform in the following configuration:

  • 8 octa-core 64-bit Intel Xeon X7560 2.26 GHz processors ( 64 cores in total),
  • 448 GiB DDR3 RAM,
  • Gigabit Ethernet connection,
  • 8 drives with 300 GB capacity and 12 drives with 1.8 TB capacity, connected in RAID 10, i.e. 12 TB logical capacity.

See also the blog post about making this server available.