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Technical information for new employees


  • hardware

    • will be provided by your head of department or organisational unit
  • Linux operating system

    • you can install it separately:
      • request a hostname and IP address; include the appropriate MAC address, your room, and use DHCP to configure your network
      • we will also be happy to assign you an IPv6 address on request
      • see also configuration tips
    • or unix@fi.muni.czwill take care of the system installation for you (we typically install Ubuntu LTS); subsequent ongoing maintenance is then implicitly your responsibility unless you request it
  • Windows operating system

    • in the case of Windows, do not install the operating system yourself: will take care of the installation for you (even if Windows is pre-installed)
  • it is also possible to install both systems

  • you will automatically have a public IPv4 address on the machine

  • purchase hardware/accessories

    • if your supervisor allows it, you can buy hardware (e.g. keyboards, mice, headphones, webcams, etc.)
    • preferably choose from the Inet store
    • do not buy your own network equipment (switches, routers, Wi-Fi APs)
    • also, do not plug your own devices into network sockets without consulting, or connect them between sockets (often there are different networks on them)
    • consult with the following if you wish to purchase servers

Access card

  • allows you access to classrooms, kitchens or departments (the reader is usually on the side under the desk)
  • if there are any problems with it, contact the HR department

Login details

  • For purely faculty services (FI machines; for web services, you can recognize them by their domain fi use faculty logins with a separate faculty login and faculty password
    • The faculty login is typically prijmeni or qprijmen(see also login formats)
    • you can find out the login and set the password in IS
  • for university services, use your username and primary password (for IS or single sign-on, e.g. Inet) or secondary password (Eduroam, etc.)


  • configure your mail (read mail on Anxur, not on Aise)
  • email address
    • if your faculty login is not directly like prijmeni, you can requestone
    • then add it as an additional sending identity in your mail client



  • In addition to the Aisa student Linux server, you also have access to the Anxur staff Linux server and the Aura computing Linux server
  • You can also use the staff Windows terminal server Ate
  • you have a higher disk quota on Linux machines compared to students


  • you can connect to Eduroam (recommended) or alternatively to the faculty network wlan_fi
  • do not build your own Wi-Fi hotspots

Other services

Other useful information

  • Information for teachers (audio-video technology, classroom software, GitLab/virtualization for teaching, exam sessions)
  • similar document for new learners

Where to find help

See our technical contact addresses.